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Lindon Marina Watercraft Rental Agreement



(1) ALL renters are required to read and sign this agreement BEFORE using the equipment

(2) Only the renter may use the equipment he or she has rented

(3) ALL renters are required by Utah State Law to wear an approved life jacket while in the water as well as follow all Utah State Boating Laws. (Lindon Marina provides approved life jackets)

(4) Renter must be a capable swimmer.

(5) Renters are not allowed to intentionally capsize or swamp their boat or another person’s boat.

(6) Renters are responsible for the equipment (boat and paddle) and life jacket they are issued from the time they are issued until the time they are properly returned to Lindon Marina staff. Renters are required to transport the equipment with care and not drag the equipment on the ground. Lindon Marina may charge renter for lost or missing equipment as well as damages beyond normal wear and tear. Replacement costs for each item are as follows: Kayak $400, Paddle Board $500, Canoe $500, Sail Boat $1,700, Life Jacket $25, Paddle $25.



By signing this waiver renter certifies that he or she understands the rental rules as documented above and agrees to follow them. Renter is aware that there are natural dangers to using the rental equipment which include, but are not limited to hypothermia, drowning, collisions with other watercrafts, unseen hazards in water, lightning, inclement weather, acts of God, etc. Renter agrees to hold harmless Lindon Marina, its owners, employees, and agents, from any and all liability resulting from any accident and/or injury associated with the rental described above. Renter agrees to pay the associated fee for the rental.

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